Mini Monkeys 2/3 yrs

Diaper Daredevils & Mini Monkeys (1-3 yrs)

(Parent & Baby... for ages 0-36 mos.)  (*if viewing on mobile - turn phone sideways to see ALL classes)
Our parent & baby classes give parents the opportunity to meet other families with babies, discuss all the joys (& sometimes stresses) of parenthood, and to experience special moments of exploration and excitement as their infants and babies grow up through the many stages to become toddlers!  These classes are:

Busy Babies (ages 0-12 mos. -infants thru crawling stage); Diaper Daredevils (ages 12-24 mos. in walking stage); Mini Monkeys (ages 24-36 mos.)    Baby class tuition is monthly - based on 4 classes per month.

**Upon registration, we charge balance of the current month of tuition,
​however, we offer 100% GURANTEE on our classes after your 1st class!**

Busy Babies (Infants & Crawling)

Diaper Daredevils (Walking)