Tumble Tots 3 yrs

Gym/Mighty Kids 4/5 yrs. (Intermediate)

Kids Inv. (Mighty/Super/Mega) 4/5 yrs. (Advanced)

Diaper Daredevils/Mini Monkeys (Combined)

KinderKids 4/5 yrs (Beginner)

Advanced (Shining + ONLY)  6+

Diaper Daredevils (Walking)

Intermediate (Star/Mighty) 6+

Beginner NINJAS (5 & up)

Beginner (Sparkler) 6 +

Intermediate/Advanced NINJAS (Stars+ ONLY)

Intermediate/Advanced NINJAS (Stars+ ONLY)

Int/Adv. (Bright/Shooting) 6+

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Tuition is monthly based on 4 classes/month

​Just click REGISTER to enroll in the class of your choice (if full, you can add to WAITLIST)

​Classes are listed by age groupings: Blue (0-12 mos); Lavender (1-2 yrs), Purple (2-3 years), Yellow (3-4 yrs), Orange (4-5 years), Green (6 + years), Aqua (6 & up Trampoline & Tumbling), Red (5+ Ninja Kids)

**Upon registration, we charge balance of the current month of tuition,
​however, we offer 100% GURANTEE on our classes after your 1st class!**

Mini Monkeys 24-26mos.

Mighty/Super Kids 4/5 yrs. (Advanced)

Busy Babies (Infants & Crawling)